Trying to Make Sense of Long COVID Syndrome

Trying to Make Sense of Long COVID Syndrome

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shutterstock_1716789742Functional Fluidics will be launching a clinical study (BLOC-19) in the Detroit metro area with the hope that this research will help us find better treatments for the over 9 million Americans suffering from Long COVID-19.

Learn more about long-covid via the NIH article below:

“More than 400,000 Americans have now lost their lives to COVID-19. But thousands of others who’ve gotten sick and survived COVID-19 are finding that a full recovery can be surprisingly elusive. Weeks and months after seemingly recovering from even mild cases of COVID-19, many battle a wide range of health problems.

Indeed, new results from the largest global study of this emerging “Long COVID syndrome” highlight just how real and pressing this public health concern really is. The study, reported recently as a pre-print on medRxiv, is based on survey results from more than 3,700 self-described COVID “Long Haulers” in 56 countries [1]. They show nearly half couldn’t work full time six months after unexpectedly developing prolonged symptoms of COVID-19. A small percentage of respondents, thankfully, seemed to have bounced back from brief bouts of Long COVID, though time will tell whether they have fully recovered” :

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