What If You Could Monitor Red Cell Health In Your Patients?

Functional Fluidics is a certified CLIA laboratory. We can receive clinical samples from our physician partners and provide results for patient monitoring as a clinical support tool. 

We offer the following proprietary Lab Developed Tests:

FA-WB-VCAM (Flow Adhesion, Whole Blood to VCAM-1 Substrate)
FA-WB-P Selectin (Flow Adhesion, Whole Blood to P selectin Substrate)
FA-WBC-P Selectin (Flow Adhesion, Isolated White Blood Cells to P selectin Substrate)
MF (Mechanical Fragility)

Validated Indications:


Red blood cell disease (e.g. sickle cell disease) 


Exploratory Indications:


Transfusion medicine
Diabetic vasculopathy ( e.g. retinopathy and skin ulcers)
Cardiovascular disease (thrombosis)
Medical device-induced RBC damage (e.g. artificial hearts, dialysis, mechanical heart valves) 




Laboratory Location: Detroit, MI

Blood Volume Requirements: 80uL/test for FF-FA and 160uL/test for FF-MF

Test Kit: Light blue top sodium citrate tubes, ship overnight, 4C

Reimbursement: under existing CPT code - 86352 (Cellular function assay involving stimulation and detection of biomarker). 




Functional Fluidics send out tests will be available for physicians to order through this page or through paper requisition. Functional Fluidics has not obtained state licensure or permits to test specimens collected or received from patients in the states of Arizona, California, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


For any questions about our tests please complete the webform below or contact:

Functional Fluidics Laboratories
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Detroit, MI 48202
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