About Us

Functional Fluidics

Why We Do What We Do

Millions of people around the world are affected by Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), but qualitative biomarkers to objectively monitor red blood cell health are lacking.

Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease may experience a range of complications, including debilitating pain crises. While certain treatments and lifestyle changes may help, without qualitative biomarkers, patients, providers, and pharmaceutical companies are not empowered to make the necessary advancements in Sickle Cell Disease care.

As an ICU Physician, Functional Fluidics’ CEO & Founder, Patrick Hines, has treated patients with serious health conditions resulting from abnormal red blood cell function. He also felt the frustration of not having the right diagnostic tools to predict problems, treat illness, and monitor the response of therapies in patients. It became his life mission to develop the diagnostic tools so that people in need can receive the right care.

Functional Fluidics is a fulfillment of that mission: The Gold Standard in Red Blood Cell Health.

What Does This Mean For You?

    Better Decisions about drug development & patient care
    Unique diagnostic platforms that assess the health of red blood cells
    A successful research strategy to facilitate clinical studies/trials
    Access to well- validated biomarkers
    Ability to objectively assess the impact on red blood cell health, and ultimately patient health