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Functional Fluidics participated in a groundbreaking study involving sickle cell patients

Hemolytic Biomarkers Predict Adhesiveness of Sickle Blood Cells in a Clinical Adhesion Bioassay

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is characterized by frequent and unpredictable vaso-occlusive episodes (VOEs) that produce severe pain, organ damage, and early death. Lack of reliable biomarkers to objectively define VOEs, hinders the development of clinically useful interventions to improve the care for these patients.VOEs result from a complex interplay of adhesive events mediated by cell surface adhesion molecules elevated in the SCD microenvironment. We developed a clinical adhesion assay that incorporates the adhesive properties of mature erythrocytes, reticulocytes, and leukocytes to measure adhesion from blood samples obtained from SCD subjects.”

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