Functional Fluidics is a proud participant in the 65TH ASH annual meeting & exposition

Functional Fluidics is a proud participant in the 65TH ASH annual meeting & exposition

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ASH PROMO 2023 (5)

Aliya U. Zaidi, Xiufeng Gao, Robert Goodrich, Marta Ferranti, Rasa Borhan, Ke Liu, Nnamdi Okeke, Michael Tarasev, Mariama Kabore,Courtney Fitzhugh, Priya Chockalingam, and Patrick Hines

● Dynamic sickling assay (DSA) provides a simple, robust method for assessing responses to Hb differences and monitoring both pharmacodynamic SCD therapies and curative therapies.

● As HbA and HbF percentages increase in transfused SCD and SCT samples, improvements in DSA sickling parameters are observed. Additionally, comparative data analysis from patients pre- and post-hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) also show improvement in sickling parameters.

Paper: Initial Results in a Phase 1b Trial of PB-04 in Sickle Cell Disease Demonstrate Fetal Hemoglobin Induction, Additive Activity with Hydroxyurea, and Improved Red Blood Cell Sickling Parameters

Kevin H.M. Kuo, MD, FRCPC, MSc1,2,3, Sylvia Titi Singer, MD4, Gershwin Theophilus Blyden, MD, PhD5*, Lanetta Bronté-Hall, MD, MPH, MSPH6, Aidan Faller, BS7*, Abdullah Kutlar, MD8, Frans A. Kuypers, PhD9*, Aliya U. Zaidi, PhD10*, Patrick C. Hines, MD, PhD10, Niren Patel, MBBS11*, Sandra Larkin, MS12*, Hanny Al-Samkari, MD13, Sujit Sheth, MD14, Seyed Mehdi Nouraie, MD15* and Susan Perrine, MD16

● Treatment with PB-04, an oral fetal globin stimulant, shows normalization of RBC health as assessed by flow adhesion of whole blood to VCAM (FA-WB-VCAM) over a 26-week treatment duration

Paper: Smaart Criz: Sickle Cell Mechanisms of Activation, Adhesion, Rheology, and Thrombosis (SMAART) in Response to P-Selectin Inhibition

Gianna G. Valenti , Meera Chitlur, Patrick Hines, Aliya Zaidi, Rasa Borhan, Kelsey Cinciarelli , Alexander K. Glaros

● Elevated baseline flow adhesion indices of whole blood to P-selectin may predict individuals likely to benefit from crizanlizumab, while normal adhesive indices at baseline may predict non-responders or even adverse effects

Paper: The Role of Red Blood Cell Vascular Adhesion Biomarkers in Understanding Sickle Cell Disease Associated Chronic Pain

Olufunke Y. Martin, MD; Rasa Borhan, Aliya U. Zaidi, PhD; Deepika S. Darbari, MD; Patrick C. Hines, MD, PhD; Andrew D. Campbell, MD

● Understanding changes in objective RBC biomarkers from baseline to acute VOC in SCD patients with or without chronic pain

Santosh L. Saraf, MD1, Shehu Umar Abdullahi, MD2*, Adeseye Michael Akinsete, MBBS3*, Foluke A Fasola4*, Modupe Idowu, MD5, Sharon Pennington, MD6, William B Ershler, MD7, Marshall Patrick Stagg8*, Wai Chin9*, Eric Zimmerman9*, Adeyemi Adenola10*, Mira Patel Pochron9* and Eleanor A Lisbon, MD10
  • Validation of patient treatment with a hemoglobin-modifying agent like GBT021601, results in normalization of RBC health as assessed by VCAM-1 adhesion, as early as Day 15 and sustainable up to Day 43. 
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